Saturday, November 29, 2008

The Boy and his Scissors!

I just found this among my posts that i started but didn't finish, so here you go.

Every fairy tale need is a princess and a villain. Here is the villain.

He's a cute one, but some times his imagination gets him into loads of trouble, I think that its because he is a crazy, fun loving boy. Its a fact that he has even driven a toy ride on car straight off the top bunk. Seriously when he hit the floor he shook his head and looked a little stunned because it should've been pain free, but that story is for another day!

Along comes the princess.........Of course every princess has prefect hair but thanks to our villain, she does not. He decided a haircut was in order so to the chop shop she went. Ian grabbed Ian sized hand fulls from her head and snipped off about 4 Ian sized hand fulls out of her hair! I was pretty sad to come back in the room from switching the laundry to find clumps of princess hair everywhere!! It was rough!

I am happy to inform that her princess hair is S-L-O-W-L-Y growing back. And there will be a happily ever after until the villain strikes again.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hope your day was great, Mine was wonderful!
In an earlier post I said that I wanted to enrich our lives and learn the true meaning of thanksgiving. Well we had a few learning times about being thankful and about the Pilgrims and Indians so many years ago. We also had a wonderful thanksgiving FHE the Monday before the joyous pig out day! We talked about the 10 lepers and how only 1 came to give thanks, more should have. We also made a thankful tree at FHE! It was alot of fun. I made a TON of leaves and we wrote things we are thankful for on them. What the kids were thankful for was the cutest part. They were thankful for things like....Castles, the Wii, Wall-e, the Rocketeer, Family and Primary Teachers! Then we taped them to the tree! It really turned out GREAT! The kids really LOVED this part.

Ohh and don't look too close at the door, It has been sanded but not painted. Here's just another one of my projects that will get done......someday!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The ABC's of Me!!

I've been tagged by my friend Kathryn. (well she said on hers anyone who wanted to, and i want to, so here we go!)

A- Attached or Single: Attached
B- Best friends: Josh (my husband), Erika (my sister), Becki (my sister in law)
C- Cake or Pie: Chocolate cake and Pecan Pie come in close!
D- Day of choice: Saturday, Big Family Day!
E- Essential Items: Family, Friends and Chocolate.
F- Favorite color: really any natural color especially Sky Blue like today!
G- Gummy Worms or Godiva Chocolate: Id Have to say Godiva BUT I Want to say any European brand (lindt, toblerone, rittersport! YUMMMM!)
H- Hometown: Palmer, AK
I- Indulgences: going out for sushi or thrift store shopping
J- January or July: July, for all the fun out door activities and not having to bring coats everywhere we go. Josh would say January for the snow machining!
K- Kids: Isaac 6 years, Ian 3.5 years, Samantha 2.5 years and Josh 28 years!!
L- Life is incomplete without: Christ, Love, Family, and laughter!
M- Marriage Date: August 4, 2001 WOW its been 7 years!
N- Number of Siblings: 3 Sisters (Shana, Paula, Me and Erika)
O- Oranges or Apples: Oranges!
P- Phobias or Fears: Moths, I know weird! But they are so hairy and fat and gross! Oh and Heights!
Q- Quotes: I'd have to say that currently a fav quote is "Raising Kids is like being Pecked to Death by a Duck!" My cousin Ambriah said that once and I have LOVED it ever since. Often it applies to me and other times, not so much!
R- Reasons to Smile: Anything I am grateful for!
S- Season: Fall! Love the colors!
T- Tag Friends: Anyone who wants to do it.
U- Unknown Fact About Me: Someday I would love to have a Stained Glass Studio in my home and sell it at my dream booth at the Fair!!
V- Very favorite Store: LOTS! Micheals, Value Village, Fred Meyer,, walmart, etc.
W- Worst Habit: Playing on the Internet and not doing my chores! like now!
X- X-ray, Ultra-sound or Mammogram: none of the above, they all sound annoying. All i have had of those is an xray.
Y- Your Favorite Food: Tator Tot Casserole, Asparagus Chicken over Rice.
Z- Zodiac: Libra

Friday, November 14, 2008

Locked and Safe!

Okay I have found that no matter how secure of a Rubbermaid tote is my kids can usually get it open which defeats all sense of "well that's put away safely". The box in mention is the box that holds all of thier puzzles, flash cards and small peices games. Now enters the Luggage straps!I have used one for years holding my cat box together so that my toddlers wont "dig in the sand" I just thought i could take this else where. When you live in a small apartment that means usually everything is accesable by all. My kids cannot open these clips they are too big for their hands and are sometimes too tight for me.. And for just a few bucks at walmart!! We'll see how it goes! Heres crossing my fingers!

Happy Thanksgiving!

So here we are, its almost Thanksgiving. In the rush of holidays I have never really sat down as a family to REALLY learn the true story of thanksgiving and I fully intend to this year. (I do basically know it). Well I found this article in my searches and really liked it. If you do anything this thanksgiving, besides practice making that turkey since Christmas is coming, sit down with your family and start some sort of THANKFUL bug!

Check out this blog posting it really simplified, in my heart, this holiday that is usually just a good excuse for seeing family and eating like a pig! I would like to make this holiday one that is about food (don't want to change it just add to it) But one that's more about what we are thankful for, learn about the first thanksgiving and teach that being thankful should be a year long emotion!

Love, Loni

Friday, November 7, 2008

Homeschooling Isaac

As many of you already know I am homeschooling Isaac. He really gets excited to see pictures of him "on the Internet" (on my blog) so I decided to make a Home school post just from him! He has really been having fun with his school. There are definitely days where he would rather play with Samantha and Ian, but all in all he really gets excited when he has a good day of school! The first picture is when he completed 12 subtraction problems with no help and did them all perfectly. This is his A+++ he is showing off! He was so excited!

Heres another picture of his "PE" class! He LOVES to go swimming! Here he is floating, I remember this part of lessons when I was a kid. I remember this being alot harder and scarier for me than it has been for him! He is doing really well! Funny thing after the fact......we came to lessons about 3 weeks ago and I was acctually getting a little mad watching his lessons because his teacher was not even looking at Isaac who was just playing in the water. He was not including Isaac in the class at all! So I went up to the director and asked him what was going on and he said that Isaac moved up a class and they have thier lesson time after the free swim time. (When he started he had lessons first then free swim time.)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Heres Samantha (Strawberry Shortcake), Isaac (Iron Man), and Ian (Iron Man) at the Church for Trunk or Treat!! They had SOOOO Much fun and left with HUGE BAGS OF CANDY! Halloween was lots of fun! Josh was Frankinstein and I was a Witch! Mabey i'll post those soon!

Catch Up! (not the red stuff)

The other day I was watching Isaac swimming and realized that I havent posted ANYTHING since APRIL! So much has happened so i'll just update by a ton of pictures. So here you go!

Ians 3rd birthday party. he really wanted a "Hoppity goes to Town" cake but since that cartoon is from the 40's i diddnt think that the Fred Meyers Bakery would have any fun cakes! who knew!

Samamntha LOVES strawberry Shortcake and when Toys R Us had a Grand Opening this summer SHE WAS THERE!!! Samantha wouldnt go any closer than in the picture. I dont know if you can see in the picture but she is clapping her hands!

We love to go to the Imaginarium! I took this shot this summer. Josh and Isaac had so much fun playing in the bubble maker thing (i'm not sure what it is called!?) Ian LOVED the train and the Mountain area! and Samantha just Loved it all!

We were out hiking this summer at Thunderbird falls and Ian gets into a funny face mood! He cracks me up!! Ian sat there for about 20 minutes making just the funniest faces then cracking up at himself! He is the biggest NUT:)

And here is my BEAUTIFUL little Girl! Samantha Iris Ivey!

My little Sister go married back in March! They are just perfect together! Congrats you guys!

Well thats enough for right now i'm needed in the laundry room! A hundred plus loads await me!! wish me luck! tata for now!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

If you give a MOM a cookie!

I found this in the June 2006 Parenting Magazine. I just thought it was Hilarious! I just gotta share it!

If you give a mom a cookie,
Shes gonna want a glass of
milk* to go with it.
But before she gets the milk*,
she has to find her toddlers
pink ladybug boots.
To find the ladybug boots
she has to venture into
the playroom.
When she tries to tidy up
the playroom, she finds
daddy's left shoe, the salad
bowl, and an open package
of graham crackers. She also
finds her cell phone.
So she'll yell at her toddler
about the cell phone and
wake up the baby from
his morning nap.
But when she goes in to pick
up the baby the cell
phone will ring.
When she answers, it'll be
the doctors office reminding
her that she had an
appointment this morning
and would she like to reschedule,
say, sometime in November?
While she is trying to mentally
re-create he calender, the
baby will start to cry.
Then her toddler will run
to see what's the matter
and find the graham crackers.
When she finds the graham
crackers there will be
crumbs all over the playroom.
So the mom will get the
broom from the hall closet
and notice that daddy forgot
to buy diapers last night,
as she asked.
But she will find her
toddlers pink ladybug boots.
And when she finds the pink
ladybug boots, she'll remember
her emergency stash of
diapers in the car.
So She'll wrestle her toddler
and her baby into their car
seats and drive to
the store to buy more
diapers and more milk.
while she is buying the
milk she'll remember that
she wanted a glass of milk*.
And if she manages to buy
the Milk* without a tantrum
or poop episode from either
of her kids....
Then shes going to need another cookie.
(By Julie Tilsner inspired by Laura Numeroff's If you give a Mouse a Cookie)

I loved this and thought all of you would too! Oh the * next to the milk means in the origional printing from the magazine it said Latte. I can relate better when it is milk, so i changed it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

But hes a RAT!

I constantly go through my day thinking oh thats funny, i should post it......and as you can see i have slacked. But this I just couldnt let pass. Yesterday I was putting down for a nap my nephew James Ivey ( i watch him everyday) and i got that erie feeling that someone or something was watching me.........uhhh i dont like that. I looked up and almost fell over backward scared. there was a HUGE moose starring at me through their window, holy cow thats AWSOME, naps over. I called all the kids in and we watched him for a few minutes and then i thought ya know i have a 20lbs pound bag of carrots left over from Erikas wedding that are going bad and so we even fed them. Oh it was sooooo fun! Oh and the cutest part was after about 5-6 carrots that mammas baby came over so we were tossing the carrots to him and the Mamma. it was fun Isaac said the mamma is a bad mamma because she kept taking carrots out of the babys mouth! oh it was a blast. if i thought about it i would have some pictures to post But all i have is an empty bag of carrots! ohh well. the kids LOVED it, my dog on the other hand acted as if she was screaming " do you know what you are feeding??? get away from that window, board it up and run save your self, i'll hold them off!!!!!" Luci is a summissive girl Lab/ German Shepherd dog. I have always wondered if she would make a good guard dog in the event some one broke into our home. After that i am a little more confidant in her.

Here are a couple of "Out of the mouths of kids!" stories...

Isaac the other day came to me whinning "mamma, James is pushing me" I said "But Isaac he is only 1 1/2 years old, you are much bigger, I dont think he could hurt you too bad, just tell him to be nice." he replyed "but mamma he has big muscles packed inside that little body."

Too Cute!!

We were at my parents for Ians birthday party and he's running around the house with an empty watergun pretend shooting my sisters chihuahua. the dog runs to my ssisters fiance and sits in his lap and he says "oh be nice, dont shoot the dog" (not a direct quote) then Ian says "But he a RAT!"

I guess he's caught on to the teasing.

Kids are cute!! wouldnt trade them for the world!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sorry about that everyone....

I changed the background and all the pictures went away!!! Bummer! So I will be downloading new pictures (and some of my favorites from the ones that were there) over the next few days!!

Thanks for coming to visit the fun stories of our family!
Heres the first picture of many to come....Samantha learned the fun of playing with Baby Dolls a few months ago. She loves it SOOOO much that if she is in a bad mood (you know when kids get the whinnnnnnne when things dont go there way) she will instantly snap out of it and go look for her baby. You just gotta ask her "wheres your baby?" I think this day she was thinking the cat button was her baby! Button diddnt mind at all!!! Acctually about 5 times a day i find a doll wrapped up sleeping, somewhere! I'll even find her blanket on the dog!

Talk with you soon, Loni