Thursday, December 3, 2009


Zoa Mae Ivey
2 months old!
She sure is a SWEETIE PIE!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


YEA!! ZOA MAE IS HERE!!! She got here at 11:06 am on Sept 25, 2009. She weighed 7'13" and was 20 inches long. She is doing great!!

Sorry but i couldnt get this one twisted right...but here she is. She sure is a sweet little girl.

Isaac and his new favorite lady!! He said over and over again yesterday "Mama you did a great job!!" he thinks she looks so much prettier than he ever imagined!! he is a fun boy!

Ian and Zoa! We think these two look the most alike, Ian Loves that!! He just LOVES ZOA!

Samantha and Zoa! Immediate new (princess) Best Friends. Samantha is LOVING this little girl!! Samantha is soooo excited.
We are so excited, she came out just perfect!! ZOA MAE IVEY!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My princess Samantha Singing her FAVORITE song.

Here is Samantha Singing Families are Forever. She absolutly LOVES to sing this song!

She started out wanting to be sung to every night and so I would sing different songs to her. This one and I am a Child of God and The Popcorn Song have been the ones she asks for every night.

It was very cute on the trip down the gulkana this summer she sang this song at least 5 times a day. She LOVES to sing and I LOVE listening to her sing......

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

24 days to go!

Heres some good news.....In 24 days I will be holding my 4th baby! We are going in the 25 of September for a c-section!! I'll be getting some fun pictures up of Zoa Mae Ivey as soon as I can! We cant wait to meet her!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adoption day WAS GREAT!

My Sister in Law and Brother in Law adopted their 2 little foster boys yesterday, June 17, 2009! The court part was so great hearing that Becki and Nick are Mom and Dad from here on out to Alvin and Paul brought a tear to me eye. I cant help myself, they are such a cute family! The BBQ afterwards was great there was a ton of people! So much love and congrats from everyone! The whole day was SO GREAT!

I am SOOO Happy for them. My kids have offical cousins that are here to STAY! we are so happy to have them in our lives!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

I love summer!

Sorry i havent blogged in a while, i was just thinking how much went to the wayside as soon as it was fun to be at the parks all of the time.....hmmmmm.

Summer is going great we have just been doing everything fun outside as much as possible. The other day we were out at parks (2 different ones) from 10 am till 3:30 pm i got red but not burned and the kids went to bed early that day! It was a blast! Weve also headed out to willow and camped at Bilbo and Elaines house, always a blast to stay with grandparents!

Isaac started T-Ball and absolutly LOVES it. He cannot get enough of it. His team is the Red Dragons. They pretty much just hit the ball and run a base. But getting the hang of where to run is the begining. Ian and Samantha just play in the woods and under the bleachers the whole hour. They all Love it!

Here's Samantha at my Moms house playing with all the garage sale stuff...Silly Manta, that stuff is for sale!

Summer is looking like a low blogging time with a TON of fun things to blog, so i'll try to do my best. Have a Great Summer!

Monday, May 18, 2009

What kind of shoes are you wearing???

The cutest thing happened the other day I just have to share with you. We are trying our hardest to get out the door quickly for swimming lessons but every kid cant find something. So i'm getting a little short with them. Then Ian (my 4 y/o) comes out of his bedroom with one flip-flop on and says "MOM, I wound one whip-wop but i tant whind my other whip-wop!! Tan you heop me whind my odder whip-wop???? PLEASE!!!!" Oh, how can you not laugh at that!!! That turned my whole day around! I just love that his alphabet only has about 20 letters! I just love how much (and how) he is talking!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

cover your kids eyes and ears!! WARNING EASTER BUNNY SPOILER!!!

So the last few Easters have not been good. Either I have a puking child for 24 hours during Easter or seriously I remember that it is Easter at midnight the Saturday night before. Yea, that happened but I have really good reasoning to have forgotten.

Last year I bought baskets that seem durable and have a cotton lining so this year we are going to fill them with kid made "grass" and the Easter eggs that we decorate and put them out on the couch before bed. (this is kinda a Christmas stocking theory) Then the Easter Bunny will come by and take the decorated eggs (my sister in laws idea) that we put in the baskets the night before and hide them for the kids to find in the morning. Then he will fill them with fresh fruit, spring colored packaged breakfast bars or mabey homemade muffins?? (i heard that since the puking child may have been a result of too much candy in the morning and a flu bug at the same time sweets wont be the only thing in the basket, too tempting with no alternative!) BUT he will be putting some treats in to be enjoyed later in the day BUT not too much. He may also put books and good toys in and mabey a movie, all Easter themed of course.

This helps with the few problems i do have with Easter....

Cheap ugly baskets that get thrown away or broken before the next easter, having 2 sets of easter eggs 1 set the kids helped decorate and one set that is decorated that the kids dont know about that "the bunny" leaves, And last but not least too much candy. That is always one thing i over do every christmas and Easter with my thinking that only one handful of candy will make the basket look empty.

So there's my new Easter Ideas, I am so excited to do this! With Easter being almost 2 weeks away i'd better get working on this!! I'll deffinatly be taking pictures and will add them to this post after Easter! See you then!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Being pregnant fun.

I don't know many women who love to be pregnant. Seriously the first trimester is no fun. My poor daughter the other day was pretending to puke in the toilet! Why do kids always pick your least flattering experiences to imitate!??

I cant wait for the 1st trimester to be OVER! I love the middle of pregnancies, you start to look pregnant and you can do anything!

Monday, February 23, 2009

What does a Snow Angel look like?

Joshs parents took Isaac and Ian out to their cabin for a little vacation (Isaac and Bilbo were there for 10 days and Ian and Elaine joined them for the last 4 days) While they were there Bilbo and Elaine showed them how to do snow angels. They had a lot of fun. Then Bilbo saw Ian fall face first instead of back first. He rushed over to Ian and helped him up. Ian was crying by now. He asked him "what are you doing, your suppose to fall back first?" Through tears Ian says "but I wanted my snow angel to have eyes! (sob sob)"

that boy is just too cute!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Josh is just a big KID!

I finnally figured out what type of parent I am.....I am a single mom with 4 kids (not three). So for the last year (ish) we have been trying real hard to get the kids to stop playing with thier toy tubs. It is really annoying when they dump ALL the toys everywhere just to play with the toy tubs. So one day a few weeks ago I heard a ton of laughing and saw Josh run out to the kids room . He looked satartled when he saw me and was laughing. Of course I am still in mom mode (i have been policing toddlers all day) And say "why is the toy tub on your HEAD??" Josh says "were being Mushroom People!!.......and besides the tubs were already empty!" Umm, yea, I now know why the kids are still dumping their tubs!

He is the funnest amount of carzy and the best amount of parent when needed! he is the BEST!