Thursday, June 18, 2009

Adoption day WAS GREAT!

My Sister in Law and Brother in Law adopted their 2 little foster boys yesterday, June 17, 2009! The court part was so great hearing that Becki and Nick are Mom and Dad from here on out to Alvin and Paul brought a tear to me eye. I cant help myself, they are such a cute family! The BBQ afterwards was great there was a ton of people! So much love and congrats from everyone! The whole day was SO GREAT!

I am SOOO Happy for them. My kids have offical cousins that are here to STAY! we are so happy to have them in our lives!


Sunday, June 14, 2009

I love summer!

Sorry i havent blogged in a while, i was just thinking how much went to the wayside as soon as it was fun to be at the parks all of the time.....hmmmmm.

Summer is going great we have just been doing everything fun outside as much as possible. The other day we were out at parks (2 different ones) from 10 am till 3:30 pm i got red but not burned and the kids went to bed early that day! It was a blast! Weve also headed out to willow and camped at Bilbo and Elaines house, always a blast to stay with grandparents!

Isaac started T-Ball and absolutly LOVES it. He cannot get enough of it. His team is the Red Dragons. They pretty much just hit the ball and run a base. But getting the hang of where to run is the begining. Ian and Samantha just play in the woods and under the bleachers the whole hour. They all Love it!

Here's Samantha at my Moms house playing with all the garage sale stuff...Silly Manta, that stuff is for sale!

Summer is looking like a low blogging time with a TON of fun things to blog, so i'll try to do my best. Have a Great Summer!