Monday, February 23, 2009

What does a Snow Angel look like?

Joshs parents took Isaac and Ian out to their cabin for a little vacation (Isaac and Bilbo were there for 10 days and Ian and Elaine joined them for the last 4 days) While they were there Bilbo and Elaine showed them how to do snow angels. They had a lot of fun. Then Bilbo saw Ian fall face first instead of back first. He rushed over to Ian and helped him up. Ian was crying by now. He asked him "what are you doing, your suppose to fall back first?" Through tears Ian says "but I wanted my snow angel to have eyes! (sob sob)"

that boy is just too cute!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Josh is just a big KID!

I finnally figured out what type of parent I am.....I am a single mom with 4 kids (not three). So for the last year (ish) we have been trying real hard to get the kids to stop playing with thier toy tubs. It is really annoying when they dump ALL the toys everywhere just to play with the toy tubs. So one day a few weeks ago I heard a ton of laughing and saw Josh run out to the kids room . He looked satartled when he saw me and was laughing. Of course I am still in mom mode (i have been policing toddlers all day) And say "why is the toy tub on your HEAD??" Josh says "were being Mushroom People!!.......and besides the tubs were already empty!" Umm, yea, I now know why the kids are still dumping their tubs!

He is the funnest amount of carzy and the best amount of parent when needed! he is the BEST!