Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Love Hard Floors!!

I am not a normal mom.....I highly DISLIKE playdough. I dont mind at all moms that have it around but I for myself have never been a fan. Who knows?? But today i was cleaning out the junk drawer in my kitchen , you know the drawer, the one that things go into that you dont have the heart to through away because who knows one day (and probably only once) You may need it so you put the little "Thing" in "The Drawer". Anyways when I was done I was feeling pretty accomplished so i went to go put the last things from the drawer away in the bathroom and saw in the Livingroom....Playdough!!! Isaac or Ian must have found it before i could ditch it. He got it in his halloween basket. (Which I must admit he did play with it once or twice) Anyways the playdough was everywhere!! The Best part was i just got my vacuum and up and away it went completely!!! it was amazing. (wow i never thought amazing would work with the subject of playdough! ) So yes I lave Hard Floors!

I really hope everyone is have a great holiday season. We Really are off to a great start!!! Life has been busy but Fun! One of the Fun parts these days is we are watching James again he really is a good Boy. My kids keep him happy and Busy all day, They all play so well together!

Oh and Yesterday was Samanthas First Haircut! The Boys also got new haircuts! I'll need to post a New Picture of them for you guys! Samantha was getting close to being mullet lady! I really dont like changing nicknames so i opted to just do a trim! It worked she looks REALLY cute!!!

Isaac and Ian are having a blast with all of this christmas stuff and Isaac is doing really good at memorizing songs. He sings along to ALOT of them! i'm real impressed and Ian Oh man he is my "Nake Boy" at least that is what he calles himself. He would , any day of the week, perfer to be naked than anything else!!! (well with a diaper on) Oh man he LOVES it!

Good times!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Birthday Season Ends....Holiday Season Begins!!

Wow, these last 2 months have been crazy! (In a Super Fun way) There has been birthday after birthday all through October and November. Lets see...6 birthdays in October and 5 in November. I figure counting these months and then Thanksgiving and Christmas, our families holiday season is like 4 months long , sounds good to me! My birthday and Isaacs birthday were among the 6 in October. Mine was great, Josh made me a Quilt Chest!! it is solid birch ...Very Beautiful! Also my Ian has called me "mom mom" for the longest time and so when Josh ordered my cake Had the guy put "Happy Birthday Mom Mom" on it, it was SO Sweet!!

Isaac was king for a week with his birthday, he is into the Transformers and almost everyone got him a transformer.. I believe hes got them all. As for me and Josh we have spent some good time into learning how to transform them... You know if it takes longer then the attention span they cant do it. But ohhh man i have to admit i spent probably 30 min on the easiest one. I personally wouldn't call that easy. But for now they have turned into the robots and just kinda been the funnest that way so they have stayed put for a while just as robots!! Isaac lately has been writing like crazy, that is seriously all he wants to do between watching Christmas movies, he loves it!! Ian is...the Hulk that is what he was for Halloween, OH MAN HE LOVED THAT!! he asked to be the hulk for like 2 weeks before Halloween, solid desire!! Isaac was Optimus Prime and Samantha was a Duck (I'll get some Pictures on here soon) Ian was very funny, Ashley was a Gorilla, Of course, what else would she be......when Ashley was showing off her costume to the kids they were all okay with it except for Ian he was not pleased with her being furrier the he was. (or something) She got the funniest reaction out of him, he was terrified! I think she enjoyed scaring him.....a lot!
Anyways This has been a great couple of months OH and one more SUPER ANNOUNCEMENT Erika (my little sister) is Engaged!!! She is Marrying Nate Mitchell (i hope i spelled that right) !! He is a really great guy! we are all very excited!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Isaacs got a sense of humor!!!

I've gotta post this funny story that happened the other day....this is just hilarious.

I was talking to my sister Erika on the phone and Isaac came up to us and asked to say hi to erika. So i gave the phone to him and left to take dinner out of the oven. When i came back isaac was saying that josh really wanted to talk to her so he would go get Josh. I reminded him that Josh was busy at work and wasnt even home, But before I could finnish Isaac turned around and in the deepest voice that he could muster up got back ont the phone and said "Hi Erika, this is Josh" he began to tell her a few things and then he went through being the whole family and Ashley he had a funny voice for everyone. It was hilarius. When he was samantha he even talked just as she does with her baas and mammmas. ohh i was laughing so hard! he is really getting a funny sense of humor. Another one is we went to Josh's work to pick him up and as always just Isaac goes in to tell him we are waiting in the parking lot ( i can see him the whole time) I told him to tell josh that I am out there reading so not to rush. Anyways josh comes out and says "I figured you were still here." with me confused he went on to tell me that Isaac went in and told him that he works for josh today and I dropped him off and went to run errands so that they could go to work together. Very fun days.

Gotta get going, have a funny day.

The Iveys

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Crazy Days!

When everything seems to be going well what do I go off and do? I start some other thing to make my days even crazier!! So, Yea, we started Potty Training Ian and I forgot how crazy the day gets when there is potty training in the home. BUT progress does happen everyday. Some days I can see more of it than other days but all in all he's coming along quite nicely. If anyone out there has a magic potty training pill send me a prescription!

It is pouring rain today and I am here at home while josh and Isaac went out to my Dads cabin site to help him get the ground ready for building a cabin. I hope they are able to stay dry, I talked to my mom who is also out there and she says all is great, everyone is dry and having a blast. Isaac was so excited to go, he had his own pack (only 10 lbs) for his gear. It is one that josh used when he was a kid! It is really cute on Isaac!

Anyways, Today is really a great day! Just Samantha, Ian and I hanging out at home!!

Well gotsta get going!!

Love You all, talk to you soon!

Loni Ivey

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

summers almost over!!!

This is a bittersweet time of the year, summer is almost over, but winter begins. We've been busy finishing up last minute (only in the summer) house, fun, fun!!! Isaac will be turning 5 this October and is getting bigger everyday!! He is really getting to be a big kid! Still a Spiderman buff but is venturing into the Ninja Turtles!! He is Raphael! Ian is really getting better at talking and he loves to be read to (well they all do but him now especially). He is 2.5 years old doing really good!! and Samantha Ohh she is growing like a weed and keeping up with her crazy brothers loving every bit of it. If they are into something, so is she, but she dosent get pushed around, she keeps those boys in line. Josh and I are just watching and playing and Loving life!!

Sorry it has been so long since my last post but keep checking and i'll keep posting!!

Love You All See You Soon!


Friday, July 13, 2007


My little sister Erika is back from her mission to Lansing Michigan!! we are all so very excited!! she is doing good and got to meet Samantha for the 1st time at the airport!! I posted a picture of the two of them. WELCOME HOME ERIKA!!!Love YOU!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hello To Family and Friends!!

This is the new blog for the Ivey Family.

Josh, Loni, Isaac, Ian and Samantha

There has been some great times this summer that I am excited to share with you! so look back every now and then and i will post new pictures!

Welcome to our page I hope you Love it.