Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I Love Hard Floors!!

I am not a normal mom.....I highly DISLIKE playdough. I dont mind at all moms that have it around but I for myself have never been a fan. Who knows?? But today i was cleaning out the junk drawer in my kitchen , you know the drawer, the one that things go into that you dont have the heart to through away because who knows one day (and probably only once) You may need it so you put the little "Thing" in "The Drawer". Anyways when I was done I was feeling pretty accomplished so i went to go put the last things from the drawer away in the bathroom and saw in the Livingroom....Playdough!!! Isaac or Ian must have found it before i could ditch it. He got it in his halloween basket. (Which I must admit he did play with it once or twice) Anyways the playdough was everywhere!! The Best part was i just got my vacuum and up and away it went completely!!! it was amazing. (wow i never thought amazing would work with the subject of playdough! ) So yes I lave Hard Floors!

I really hope everyone is have a great holiday season. We Really are off to a great start!!! Life has been busy but Fun! One of the Fun parts these days is we are watching James again he really is a good Boy. My kids keep him happy and Busy all day, They all play so well together!

Oh and Yesterday was Samanthas First Haircut! The Boys also got new haircuts! I'll need to post a New Picture of them for you guys! Samantha was getting close to being mullet lady! I really dont like changing nicknames so i opted to just do a trim! It worked she looks REALLY cute!!!

Isaac and Ian are having a blast with all of this christmas stuff and Isaac is doing really good at memorizing songs. He sings along to ALOT of them! i'm real impressed and Ian Oh man he is my "Nake Boy" at least that is what he calles himself. He would , any day of the week, perfer to be naked than anything else!!! (well with a diaper on) Oh man he LOVES it!

Good times!!

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Mandi said...

It must be little boys that are around 2-3. I can't keep any thing on Jordon. At least you can keep a diaper on Ian. Jordon is naked about 80% of the time. The rest of the time he is wearing his swim suit... don't ask