Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Birthday Season Ends....Holiday Season Begins!!

Wow, these last 2 months have been crazy! (In a Super Fun way) There has been birthday after birthday all through October and November. Lets see...6 birthdays in October and 5 in November. I figure counting these months and then Thanksgiving and Christmas, our families holiday season is like 4 months long , sounds good to me! My birthday and Isaacs birthday were among the 6 in October. Mine was great, Josh made me a Quilt Chest!! it is solid birch ...Very Beautiful! Also my Ian has called me "mom mom" for the longest time and so when Josh ordered my cake Had the guy put "Happy Birthday Mom Mom" on it, it was SO Sweet!!

Isaac was king for a week with his birthday, he is into the Transformers and almost everyone got him a transformer.. I believe hes got them all. As for me and Josh we have spent some good time into learning how to transform them... You know if it takes longer then the attention span they cant do it. But ohhh man i have to admit i spent probably 30 min on the easiest one. I personally wouldn't call that easy. But for now they have turned into the robots and just kinda been the funnest that way so they have stayed put for a while just as robots!! Isaac lately has been writing like crazy, that is seriously all he wants to do between watching Christmas movies, he loves it!! Ian is...the Hulk that is what he was for Halloween, OH MAN HE LOVED THAT!! he asked to be the hulk for like 2 weeks before Halloween, solid desire!! Isaac was Optimus Prime and Samantha was a Duck (I'll get some Pictures on here soon) Ian was very funny, Ashley was a Gorilla, Of course, what else would she be......when Ashley was showing off her costume to the kids they were all okay with it except for Ian he was not pleased with her being furrier the he was. (or something) She got the funniest reaction out of him, he was terrified! I think she enjoyed scaring him.....a lot!
Anyways This has been a great couple of months OH and one more SUPER ANNOUNCEMENT Erika (my little sister) is Engaged!!! She is Marrying Nate Mitchell (i hope i spelled that right) !! He is a really great guy! we are all very excited!

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Mandi said...

We miss you guys. It sounds like you are having so much fun. At least the boys will have some new toys to put in bag balm, or whatever they feel like at the time!