Thursday, October 4, 2007

Isaacs got a sense of humor!!!

I've gotta post this funny story that happened the other day....this is just hilarious.

I was talking to my sister Erika on the phone and Isaac came up to us and asked to say hi to erika. So i gave the phone to him and left to take dinner out of the oven. When i came back isaac was saying that josh really wanted to talk to her so he would go get Josh. I reminded him that Josh was busy at work and wasnt even home, But before I could finnish Isaac turned around and in the deepest voice that he could muster up got back ont the phone and said "Hi Erika, this is Josh" he began to tell her a few things and then he went through being the whole family and Ashley he had a funny voice for everyone. It was hilarius. When he was samantha he even talked just as she does with her baas and mammmas. ohh i was laughing so hard! he is really getting a funny sense of humor. Another one is we went to Josh's work to pick him up and as always just Isaac goes in to tell him we are waiting in the parking lot ( i can see him the whole time) I told him to tell josh that I am out there reading so not to rush. Anyways josh comes out and says "I figured you were still here." with me confused he went on to tell me that Isaac went in and told him that he works for josh today and I dropped him off and went to run errands so that they could go to work together. Very fun days.

Gotta get going, have a funny day.

The Iveys

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