Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sorry about that everyone....

I changed the background and all the pictures went away!!! Bummer! So I will be downloading new pictures (and some of my favorites from the ones that were there) over the next few days!!

Thanks for coming to visit the fun stories of our family!
Heres the first picture of many to come....Samantha learned the fun of playing with Baby Dolls a few months ago. She loves it SOOOO much that if she is in a bad mood (you know when kids get the whinnnnnnne when things dont go there way) she will instantly snap out of it and go look for her baby. You just gotta ask her "wheres your baby?" I think this day she was thinking the cat button was her baby! Button diddnt mind at all!!! Acctually about 5 times a day i find a doll wrapped up sleeping, somewhere! I'll even find her blanket on the dog!

Talk with you soon, Loni

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