Wednesday, April 16, 2008

But hes a RAT!

I constantly go through my day thinking oh thats funny, i should post it......and as you can see i have slacked. But this I just couldnt let pass. Yesterday I was putting down for a nap my nephew James Ivey ( i watch him everyday) and i got that erie feeling that someone or something was watching me.........uhhh i dont like that. I looked up and almost fell over backward scared. there was a HUGE moose starring at me through their window, holy cow thats AWSOME, naps over. I called all the kids in and we watched him for a few minutes and then i thought ya know i have a 20lbs pound bag of carrots left over from Erikas wedding that are going bad and so we even fed them. Oh it was sooooo fun! Oh and the cutest part was after about 5-6 carrots that mammas baby came over so we were tossing the carrots to him and the Mamma. it was fun Isaac said the mamma is a bad mamma because she kept taking carrots out of the babys mouth! oh it was a blast. if i thought about it i would have some pictures to post But all i have is an empty bag of carrots! ohh well. the kids LOVED it, my dog on the other hand acted as if she was screaming " do you know what you are feeding??? get away from that window, board it up and run save your self, i'll hold them off!!!!!" Luci is a summissive girl Lab/ German Shepherd dog. I have always wondered if she would make a good guard dog in the event some one broke into our home. After that i am a little more confidant in her.

Here are a couple of "Out of the mouths of kids!" stories...

Isaac the other day came to me whinning "mamma, James is pushing me" I said "But Isaac he is only 1 1/2 years old, you are much bigger, I dont think he could hurt you too bad, just tell him to be nice." he replyed "but mamma he has big muscles packed inside that little body."

Too Cute!!

We were at my parents for Ians birthday party and he's running around the house with an empty watergun pretend shooting my sisters chihuahua. the dog runs to my ssisters fiance and sits in his lap and he says "oh be nice, dont shoot the dog" (not a direct quote) then Ian says "But he a RAT!"

I guess he's caught on to the teasing.

Kids are cute!! wouldnt trade them for the world!

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