Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hello To Family and Friends!!

This is the new blog for the Ivey Family.

Josh, Loni, Isaac, Ian and Samantha

There has been some great times this summer that I am excited to share with you! so look back every now and then and i will post new pictures!

Welcome to our page I hope you Love it.


Becki said...

This is so awesome! I love your pictures!! You're kids are so cute :)

elaine said...

Adorable:) Where were you w/ the pic of the kids for Father's Day, looks like a bike trail... Josh better have that in 8x10! Is there a way to add sub blogs under yours ie: Becki (which she updates); Jared (Holley updates); Ashley (same); me (except I don't know how...)? Or better yet Bilbo & me w/ 4 sub blogs: you, Becki, Jared, Ashley? Just asking.

The Ivey Family said...

The kids were on a bike path behind Gladys Wood Elementary School for the Fathers Day picture!! very fun!

erika said...

Samantha and me look soooooo HOT together

Anonymous said...

Where are you The Ivey Family we miss your little updates!! :)