Saturday, January 30, 2010

Kids are great!

Sooo for this last school year Isaac has been going through the math curriculum called MathUSee. Great program by the way. The other day at swimming I went to pick Isaac up and noticed that the chalk borad next to the part of the pool where his lessons are had a few math problems written and answered on it. I asked him if that was him writting on the board (looked like his hand writting) and he said Yes. Seems I get him to swimming a little too early and he sits there ready to get in the water and does math until his lesson :) Thats great, he could be doing worse.

There is a little math game we like to play, he asks for it all the time. Heres how it goes...

I say "Isaac if I am 6 and together we are 9 what are you???" "3" Little intro to algebra....He gets it right all the time!

I'm so proud of him he really is doing great at math, he just loves it!

Ian has been surprising me more and more lately, today he wrote/drew a card for my dad (whos birthday party is tommorow) and has amazingly great penmanship for a 4 year old (at least i think so). The other day while playing a math game, the one I mentioned above, with Isaac, Ian chimed in and answered one of the problems. I guess it pays off to hang out with Isaac durring school :)

Samantha and Zoa are getting to be such great buds. Right now Samantha and Josh are off snowmachining on a daddy daughter weekend. Zoa and I were sitting here at the computer checking on my blog and she started getting fussy so I played the video of Samantha singing and she INSTANTLY stopped crying and started jumping and smiling HUGE, Zoa sure does LOVE Samantha and Samantha Loves her!!!

I am having such fun with my kids right now. Lately they have been really good and fun to be around, I feel so blessed!

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The Houston Family said...

I went to an intro to homeschool workshop on Saturday. I'm sure if I am crazy or what, but I am getting excited.