Monday, March 22, 2010

What do you get when you add a....

dad, his sons and a HUGE SNOW BIRM?????


This is a 14x20 foot snow castle complete with a slide (see samantha on the left laying on the sled) The stairs on the Right, by the shovel, go up to the top level that wraps around the back. Then there is a doorway between Josh and I that goes into a room that is probably 5x9 Ian and Isaac are sitting the the wall that goes into it. Can you see Grandma Elaine in the back? :)

The kids want to play on this ALL DAY...they LOVE IT!!! Josh wants to make this into a family tradition every year.....he is already planning on 3 levels for next year....what fun!


girlie girl* said...

Wow, that is quite the CASTLE! I am impressed. I want to play in it! Is that out at your in-laws in Willow? Hey are you going to go to the Colony's 10 year reunion? Call me sometime. Love, Sara

Benjamin said...

That's awesome! Josh sure is a good digger, I remember digging into a snow pile behind the Strawberry Chapel with him once. Next time we'd love to come help. -Benjamin