Friday, November 7, 2008

Homeschooling Isaac

As many of you already know I am homeschooling Isaac. He really gets excited to see pictures of him "on the Internet" (on my blog) so I decided to make a Home school post just from him! He has really been having fun with his school. There are definitely days where he would rather play with Samantha and Ian, but all in all he really gets excited when he has a good day of school! The first picture is when he completed 12 subtraction problems with no help and did them all perfectly. This is his A+++ he is showing off! He was so excited!

Heres another picture of his "PE" class! He LOVES to go swimming! Here he is floating, I remember this part of lessons when I was a kid. I remember this being alot harder and scarier for me than it has been for him! He is doing really well! Funny thing after the fact......we came to lessons about 3 weeks ago and I was acctually getting a little mad watching his lessons because his teacher was not even looking at Isaac who was just playing in the water. He was not including Isaac in the class at all! So I went up to the director and asked him what was going on and he said that Isaac moved up a class and they have thier lesson time after the free swim time. (When he started he had lessons first then free swim time.)

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