Sunday, November 2, 2008

Catch Up! (not the red stuff)

The other day I was watching Isaac swimming and realized that I havent posted ANYTHING since APRIL! So much has happened so i'll just update by a ton of pictures. So here you go!

Ians 3rd birthday party. he really wanted a "Hoppity goes to Town" cake but since that cartoon is from the 40's i diddnt think that the Fred Meyers Bakery would have any fun cakes! who knew!

Samamntha LOVES strawberry Shortcake and when Toys R Us had a Grand Opening this summer SHE WAS THERE!!! Samantha wouldnt go any closer than in the picture. I dont know if you can see in the picture but she is clapping her hands!

We love to go to the Imaginarium! I took this shot this summer. Josh and Isaac had so much fun playing in the bubble maker thing (i'm not sure what it is called!?) Ian LOVED the train and the Mountain area! and Samantha just Loved it all!

We were out hiking this summer at Thunderbird falls and Ian gets into a funny face mood! He cracks me up!! Ian sat there for about 20 minutes making just the funniest faces then cracking up at himself! He is the biggest NUT:)

And here is my BEAUTIFUL little Girl! Samantha Iris Ivey!

My little Sister go married back in March! They are just perfect together! Congrats you guys!

Well thats enough for right now i'm needed in the laundry room! A hundred plus loads await me!! wish me luck! tata for now!

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