Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

So here we are, its almost Thanksgiving. In the rush of holidays I have never really sat down as a family to REALLY learn the true story of thanksgiving and I fully intend to this year. (I do basically know it). Well I found this article in my searches and really liked it. If you do anything this thanksgiving, besides practice making that turkey since Christmas is coming, sit down with your family and start some sort of THANKFUL bug!

Check out this blog posting it really simplified, in my heart, this holiday that is usually just a good excuse for seeing family and eating like a pig! I would like to make this holiday one that is about food (don't want to change it just add to it) But one that's more about what we are thankful for, learn about the first thanksgiving and teach that being thankful should be a year long emotion!

Love, Loni

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