Friday, November 14, 2008

Locked and Safe!

Okay I have found that no matter how secure of a Rubbermaid tote is my kids can usually get it open which defeats all sense of "well that's put away safely". The box in mention is the box that holds all of thier puzzles, flash cards and small peices games. Now enters the Luggage straps!I have used one for years holding my cat box together so that my toddlers wont "dig in the sand" I just thought i could take this else where. When you live in a small apartment that means usually everything is accesable by all. My kids cannot open these clips they are too big for their hands and are sometimes too tight for me.. And for just a few bucks at walmart!! We'll see how it goes! Heres crossing my fingers!


Heidi Sue Photography said...

If only those would fit around a fridge . . . Gunner likes to open the fridge ALL the time. I've found dinosuars in there, socks, and lots of fun stuff. It was soo good to find you guys! Your babies are getting so big!

The Houston Family said...

Ahhh! The joys of toddlers! They make us crazy and then we cry when they are big.